Mediphos English

Mediphos, based in Renkum The Netherlands is part of Aidian Group. Mediphos Medical Supplies B.V. is a dynamic and flexible company, specialized in importing, marketing and distributing In-Vitro Diagnostics such as kits, reagents, rapid tests and instruments for the clinical laboratories. It is the aim to provide high quality products from a selective range of suppliers combined with a high degree of service and knowledge at a reasonable price. Our customers are mainly hospital-, general-, research laboratories and GP offices in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Mediphos is ISO certifiied since the end of the 90's according to the latest standard ISO 9001:2008.

Mediphos is a proud member of the Dutch Diagnostics Association (Diagned).

Objectives and company policy
Mediphos Medical Supplies BV will continuously invest in the growth in order to be a strong marketing-based diagnostics distributor for a selective range of quality suppliers. Although an exact number of distributorships is not specified, it is definitely not intended to become a so-called "catalogue-handler". Co-operation can be based on purely sales and distribution or marketing included. Each kind of co-operation can per supplier, be specified and if necessary, tailor-made. Since many years the business is strongly based in the field of both clinical chemistry and microbiological laboratories. Immunochemistry and microbiology are regarded as the core business.

Marketing efforts have been initiated and will be maintained to increase the company awareness by advertisements, exhibitions and mailings. Beneficial cooperation’s exists with pharmaceutical companies regarding medical issues and the promotion of new specific diagnostics tools to medical doctors. Research and development are performed in co-operation with manufacturers and a range of national hospital laboratories.

A Finnish-based IVD company with almost 50 years of experience in developing and manufacturing reliable, fast and easy-to-use diagnostic tests especially for primary care. Aidian offers the best solutions and service with a customer-focused mindset, high-quality products and agile operations. In addition to their Head Quarters in Espoo Finland, they have local offices in 11 different countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, China, The Netherlands and Belgium.

Aidian is more focused than ever in expanding their company and developing products that meet the demands of their customers now and in the future.