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Very interesting data presented about POCT testing of C.diff and GBS at Mediphos Satellite symposium “Trends in molecular POCT for improved management of infectious diseases"during "10th European Meeting on Molecular Diagnostics"(EMMD).


Dr.  Jan Gorm Lisby, (Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark) The Future of Clinical Microbiology- "the brickless laboratory"

  • Rapid ID and AST is here
  • Risk assessment may assist
  • Point-of-Care is coming (it is here now……)
  • May offer maximum impact on patient management
  • Will change clinical microbiology
  • And it is all about strategy

Stanislava Steiner M.Sc., (Bioanalytica AG, Luzern Switzerland) Evaluation of a new platform for POCT of Cdiff

  • GenePOCTM Cdiff Assay is a sensitive and specific tool for the detection of tcdB -carrying C. difficile in stool specimens
  • It offers a very simple and compact real-time testing method with short TAT proposing an effective alternative for POCT
  • Low inhibition rate (0.4%)
  • Superior sensitivity is shown by GenePOC Cdiff Assay compared to the Quik Chek Complete enzyme immunoassay from Alere
  • The concept of GenePOC revogene instrument allows expansion leading to the competition between the various systems on the level of practicability, handling, speed, costs and the complete menu of offered tests

 Prof. Dr. Martin Altwegg, (Bioanalytica AG, FAMH Mikrobiologie, Luzern Switzerland) To test or not to test – and how?   Relevance of testing Cdiff on non-Cdiff samples

The “ideal” test:    
Not hospitalized patients without recent travel Campylobacter jejuni/coli
Salmonella species    
Clostridium difficile
Hospitalized patients (>2d) Clostridium difficile (POCT) smile2.png
Patients with recent travel:

highly multiplex PCR with bacteria, protozoa, viruses


Mayra Bermudez Martinez, Department for Obstetrics and Gynecology

Prof. Dr. med. Lutz von Müller, (Christophorus-kliniken, Coesfeld, Germany  Detection of Group B Streptococci (GBS) colonization before delivery (comparison between a new point of care molecular detection system, GenePOC, and culture)

  • Intrapartum screening is superior to antenatal screening for detection of GBS colonized patients at delivery
  •    avoid unnecessary IAP
  •    detection of patients with recent colonization
  • Direct PCR (GenePOC) is  available <70 minutes and with limited hand-on time (5 minutes)
  • High sensitivity (>97%) and highest detection rates
  • Prospective studies with real-time intrapartum testing are required:
  •    number of patients with results >4 hours before delivery (initiation of adequate IAP)
  • Regular intrapartum GBS screening by POCT PCR can be easily transferred into optimized treatment algorithm

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