CRP point of care testen verminderen het onnodig voorschrijven van antibiotica.

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Een geupdate Cochrane-beoordeling bevestigd de eerdere bevindingen dat CRP point of care (POC)-testen het onnodig voorschrijven van antibiotica bij patiënten met luchtweginfecties vermindert. Hoewel patiënten minder antibiotica kregen wanneer ze werden getest met CRP POC-test, werd hun herstel niet negatief beïnvloed. 


Point of care CRP -guided antibiotic prescribing results in decreased antibiotic prescribing and good recovery of patients

Cochrane library published an update of review that has investigated infection and inflammation biomarkers as point of care (POC) tests to guide antibiotic prescribing in acute respiratory infections in primary care.1 The previous review was published in 2014, and the new update implemented newer trials in the analysis.

In this updated review, the conclusion did not change from the earlier version implicating that CRP POC testing as an aid in the diagnosis and care of respiratory infections decreases antibiotic prescribing not only during initial visit at the physician but also within 28-day follow-up period. Although patients in the CRP POC testing group received less antibiotics, CRP -guided antibiotic prescribing was safe as the recovery of patients was similar compared to patients in the usual care during the 7- and 28-day follow-up period. These results suggest that decreased antibiotic use did not lead to infection complications as CRP POC -guided care did not increase re-consultations or hospitalizations.

CRP POC testing is a useful tool to decrease unnecessary antibiotic prescribing

CRP POC testing is a useful tool to decrease unnecessary antibiotic prescribing and direct the prudent use of antibiotics in primary care, where most antibiotics are prescribed. Antimicrobial resistance is a threat that requires immediate actions. CRP POC testing before antibiotic prescribing is one effective way to direct prudent use of antibiotics and prevent AMR.

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  1. Smedemark et al. Biomarkers as point‐of‐care tests to guide prescription of antibiotics in people with acute respiratory infections in primary care. Cochrane Database of Systemic Reviews 2022; 10(10):CD010130.