Distribution Virion\Serion CFT products in Belgium by Mediphos

Intro tekst

Per 1 febr 2018 Mediphos will take over the distribution rights for Virion\Serion Complement Fixation Test Products in Belgium and Luxembourg.


The sales and distribution will be performed by our sister company Mediphos Micro Diagnostiek Belgie BV. This company is focussed on in-vitro-diagnostic tests and systems for infectious diaseases in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Next to the distribution of Virion\serion CFT it represents e.g. the Virion\Serion Elisa range, Serosep EntericBio  (an affordable PCR gastro-enterology screening system with high sensitivity, without extraction), GenePoc ( the easy and fast POCT PCR system) and OLM Aspergillus PCR and a rapid lateral flow test).

For more information please call us ( + 31 317 351838) or sent an e-mail to info@mediphos.be