Mikrogen update ampliCube Hepatitis E Virus PCR kit

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Nieuwe versie beschikbaar: ampliCube HEV 2.0 Quant voor de detectie en kwantificering van Hepatitis E Virus RNA


Hepatitis E virus is one of the most common viral causes of acute hepatitis worldwide. An infection can have an inapparent to fulminant clinical manifestation. The acute hepatitis E infection is comparable to that of a hepatitis A infection. It causes flu-like symptoms, nausea, vomiting / diarrhea, fever, joint and headaches and is associated by an increase in liver enzymes. A HEV infection is usually self-limiting.

There are four human pathogenic HEV genotypes (1–4) described that differ in their geographical distribution, transmission and possible complications.

The ampliCube HEV 2.0 Quant is a highly sensitive and flexible real-time RT-PCR test system for the detection of the four human pathogenic HEV genotypes in human plasma, serum or stool. The test can deliver qualitative and/or quantitative results and its performance is suitable for blood donor screening.

Product Advantages for Your Benefit

  • High sensitivity (LoD: 36.13 IU/ml), suitable for single sample testing (ID-NAT) and sample pool testing (MP-NAT)
  • Detection of all four human pathogenic genotypes occurring worldwide
  • Qualitative and/or quantitative evaluation, determination of viral load (IU/ml) possible
  • Validated for various types of sample material (human plasma, serum and stool)
  • Easy to use: enzyme mix is coloured blue for visual control
  • Complete: positive and negative control, internal control (extraction and inhibition control) as well as standards for quantification
  • High flexibility: use of different extraction methods and real-time PCR cycler possible
  • CE label: The ampliCube HEV 2.0 Quant test meets the high standards of the European Directive 98/79/EC on in vitro diagnostic medical devices